Monday, January 28, 2008

I'm Starstruck and housebound.

I'm housebound with a sick kid, so it's time to show the latest completed project. Starstruck is based on the Six-Pointed Star by Barbara Breiter. Her design is simple and works up quickly - I made this entire strand during a road trip to North Carolina earlier this month.

I used some quirky Rhythm wool by Yarn Treehouse I picked up for a song through eBay. The self-striping qualities of the wool are interesting, and it felts up pretty well. I was able to complete 9 stars with one skein.

I initially connected the stars point-to-point, but that method didn't translate well during the felting process. So I snipped them apart, then used a tapestry needle and extra Rhythm to tie the individual stars together. The result is really cool.

In idle times through the year, I'll make up a bunch of stars and decorate a tree for my knitting room next Christmas.

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