Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Never mind.

Ever gotten a head of steam going over something . . . that turned out to be nothing? When I was in college, SNL's Gilda Radner had a schtick where she'd go completely off-kilter over something during the faux news bit. Jane Curtin clarified, and Gilda ended her commentary with, "Never mind."

Yeah, I went to college in the 70's.

Anyway, I had checked my son's grades online and started yelling as soon as I saw a horrifying 34 on a quiz. He'd just rolled out of bed (I take no prisoners when it comes to grades) and could barely focus. He leaned over my shoulder, squinted, and said, "that's a 97, Mom." Big gusty sigh. Oh. The 34 was in the quintile column.

Never mind.

I like to point out to my kids as often as possible that I'm not perfect so they don't leave me on a pedestal. It would be dreadful if they went through their teen years thinking I'm always right. Hey - it's my job to give them plenty of fodder for lunch-time conversation with friends.

So, "Never mind," my dears. Enjoy yet one more example that your mom is losing it.

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