Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What's that you're doing there?

"Hi! What am I doing? I'm knitting . . . it's a sock/shawl/sweater/purse. Actually, crochet is one needle - knitting is two needles.

"Oh, thank you. I do love this yarn. It's a lot of fun to work with.

"No, I don't spend hours and hours on this. Actually, I have just these few minutes to knit. It helps pass the time while I'm waiting for the ______. The rest of the day is just too hectic."

"Your grandmother knitted? And you never could get the hang of it or spare the time? Well, isn't that something.

"No, it really isn't hard to learn. It took me a few minutes to understand the basic stitch, then I made several scarves until I felt comfortable with the hand movements.

"Yes, it is amazing how many younger people are knitting these days. As well as more seasoned people like me. Thank you! I'm glad I don't look my age. ahem.

"I think knitting is popular because so many people have a longing for the basics, to making something by hand that's both functional and artistic.

"Oh, I'm not a natural. Believe me! I've been playing with yarn for a few years now, and I'm still learning!

"You saw something just like this at the mall? I see! Yes, hand-made takes more time and effort. Personally, I don't knit because I can't find something in a store or because it's a form of artistic expression.

"I started knitting because I needed something to do with my hands during long days and nights with my son in ICU. Thank you. He's doing really well right now.

"I continued knitting because I was scared and it was better to be productive than to fret aimlessly. I found solace and calm in counting rows, focusing on yarn-overs and double-decreases, and keeping rows untwisted around four double-point needles. I knit today because of the magic that comes from knits and purls and colors and textures slowly evolving into something I can give away or wear.

"Nothing I knit is perfect. But it sure is satisfying.

"It was nice to meet you."

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