Sunday, January 20, 2008

Unexpected blessings

Today's Scout Sunday service went off without a hitch, despite 20-degree temps, snow on the ground, occasional patches of ice and an incorrect notice on the local news that the entire service had been canceled. Oops.

So many things made the morning extra special. Crisp blue skies, snow still on the ground and frigid air just made the sanctuary all the cozier. A founding member of our church celebrated her 100th birthday. Our knitting circle presented her with a prayer shawl and the congregation rang the rafters with an ovation. Six babies and children were baptized. A large contingent of Troop 764 scouts, leaders, and parents led and participated in the service. Nearly every boy who'd volunteered was there. The weather and three-day weekend were great excuses to opt out, but they proudly served.

While I've been thinking about the next knitting projects in the queue, KA, who is a member of our church knitting circle and chair of the Outreach committee, has been thinking selflessly about the needs of others. The homeless shelter in downtown Atlanta needs caps and scarves immediately. I'd just finished a prayer shawl and turned it in, so now I'm setting aside Jaywalker for a couple of weeks while I whip up some warmth in manly colors.

Tomorrow is T's birthday (one of those epochal decade markers), but he's traveling on business. The kids and I are taking him out for lunch today and celebrating with cake and presents this evening. He loves German Chocolate cake - the house is going to smell really good this afternoon!

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