Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Where no knitter has gone before . . .

Knitting Daily's challenge to indulge in some "fearless knitting" has me thinking. Each new technique I learn leads to explorations in new expressions.

So, I'm thinking logically today, putting some of my segues into one of those cause and effect exercises that are the bane of SAT-takers everywhere.

  • Son in ICU > a friend with knitting needles and yarn in hand > middle of the night knitting > grace!
  • Modular knitting class > Ojo de Dios Vest > TriMiters
  • A friend's sassy felted clutch >learning how to felt > 20 clutches knitted, felted, and given as gifts to teachers and friends
  • Cabled wool machine-knit handbag in the Nordstrom Catalog for $180 > "oh, please, I can do that!" > learning how to knit cables > my own cabled handbag > oohs and aahs
  • Jaywalker > desire to knit socks > learning how to use double points > my first pair of socks!
  • LYS sale bins > huge stash > prayer shawls mixing gauges and textures > beauty shared
So what where will I put the fearless into my knitting? Stranding colors! I'll try something small, like socks or a hat sometime in the next few months. We'll see where it goes from there. I'd also like to design a sweater or wrap - that'll be fearless, indeed.

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