Sunday, January 27, 2008

Not-so-Lean, Mean Knitting Machine

The Miss America pageant last night gave me some solid knitting time. I was so busy supporting Hannah Kiefer (she's a finalist! she made the swimsuit cut! she made the evening gown cut! she's THIRD RUNNER UP!!!!! I'm so proud of her!) that I finished a scarf for the homeless project, got past the instep on Jaywalker #1, and started a prayer shawl using the Comfort Shawl pattern. Whew! My hands are a bit tired, so I'll rest them today.

As of this morning, I have four scarves finished out of the six I want to contribute. I'll knit the other two before next Wednesday night so I can give them to KM at church for delivery to the homeless shelter. Then it's time for another set of blanket, booties, and cap for the ShareAtlanta project.

I've been reading Knitting in America by Melanie Falick, a random find during my last library visit. The profiles of knitters, designers and spinners are fascinating, but I am particularly drawn to the details about the places where they live and work. Knitting in a renovated Victorian in the heart of snowy, cold New England sounds dreamy. I wonder how my own "studio" would play in a profile?

"Knitternall lives in a charming unincorporated town called Dunwoody, just north of Atlanta, Georgia. Her home is an updated 1970's-era Colonial four-on-four, with a central hall that resounds with her muttered curses as she lets the dog out for the fourth time in an hour, urges her kids to get their homework finished because they have a thousand things to do and tosses pillows on the sofa to find the phone before it stops ringing.

"Her studio is a cozy sunroom just off the kitchen. A large antique cabinet and huge baskets scattered around the room hold yarn, while various handmade pottery containers organize knitting needles, crochet hooks, and other tools. When the weather is warm (because the sunroom isn't HEATED), Knitternall likes to work where she can see the woods behind her home and keep an ear open to the activities of her children ("Mom, where's my _____? CRASH. "I think it's broken!" DOG WHINING. "Mom, Scooter needs to go out." Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SpongeBob SquarePants! "STOP! Mom, tell A to STOP!)"

Yeah. That's about right.

I've produced enough bios and profiles in my time to appreciate the deft hand of creative writing. I'm sure Ms. Falick did some judicious editing to up the charm ante. I'm enjoying the results. And dreaming.

CRASH. "Mom!"

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