Monday, January 21, 2008

Go figure.

Having a blog is FUN. Here, I can rant and wonder to my heart's content. As long, of course, as I do not embarrass Significant Others and people I run into every day. Boy, is that hard, since many of the imponderables of my life are tied to the people in it.

Today, I'm indulging in a bit of introspection.

1. WHY do I run out of yarn in the middle of a row, despite carefully checking how much is left each time I turn - and then forgetting that one time I keep going anyway?

2. WHY is my cable bill going up when the reception is getting so much worse? (Gee, that looks like satellite junk, not a bad cable, guys.)

3. WHEN did "ma'am" become a curse word? (Big box cashier: "This lane is closing, MA'AM." Tax office clerk: "MA'AM, that's our policy." Ice cream shop dude: "It's time for my break. MA'AM? Can you go to the other line?" I'm pretty sure they don't mean MA'AM.

4. WHEN did dogs start wearing more outfits than the children? A recent visitor from Africa was astonished to see pet clothes, pet toys, and pet treats in the local big box store. In her village, a toy or a new outfit is a rare gift indeed . . . for the children.

5. WHY are so many patterns knitted in fabulous, one-of-a-kind yarns that the average knitter has no hope of finding, let alone affording?

6. WHY do my kids finally want to have a heart-to-heart with me about something that's bothered them for DAYS . . . right at the climax of a show I'm watching (after not having watched anything from beginning to end for weeks)? Good thing PBS repeats its Britcoms ad infinitum.

7. WHY did WebVan have to mismanage its growth and shut down? I absolutely, positively, unconditionally loved their grocery home delivery service. We ate healthier and my shelves had far fewer un-necessities. There simply isn't anything like it in Atlanta anymore.

8. WHY do people call children with chronic and life-threatening illnesses "heroic" and "inspiring"? They're children and they have no choice but to live through their challenges. Instead, call them "cherished," do something to distract them, even if momentarily, from their daily pain and fear, and pray for good health.

9. WHO thinks tissue thin shirts are a good idea for anyone who isn't anorexic?

10. WHEN did steel plates become an acceptable alternative to patching and paving potholes? (If you live in Metro Atlanta, you totally get this.)

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