Thursday, January 3, 2008

What to do with 10+ oddballs of diverse ivory and cream yarns

The title says it all. I was enthralled by Patricia Werner's Dazzling Knits: Building Blocks to Creative Knitting. I made the Ojo de Dios Vest with stash yarns in a dizzying array of brilliant colors, tied together with black in each block and in the trim.

Then I thought . . . how luscious the Pyramid Jacket would look in shades of ivory and cream. A variety of yarns and textures, from thick to thin, silk to wool. I had about ten or so leftovers from other projects - why not make good use of stash remnants?

Eureka! I replaced the designer's collar design with Sawtooth Antique edging from Nicky Epstein's Knitting on the Edge. The points seemed to be a good complement to the pointed edge around the waist. I also single-crocheted an edge around the entire jacket with the same ivory wool as the collar. The result is much more spectacular worn than posing on the little chair that perches by my computer. I've worn it for holiday parties, church services, and the last class I taught before the break, which makes my Pyramid Jacket the ultimate work-to-evening choice in my winter closet. I dress it up with a satin ivory blouse and make it casual with a cream turtleneck. Wonderful!

One enjoyable aspect of the knitting for this project was the "one triangle at a time" progress. I could always start and finish a triangle without losing count, track of the pattern, or patience. Seaming was practically irrelevant (you seam as you go). I highly recommend this pattern and project.

TriMiters Update
I'm getting tingles every time I open my email. There have been a kazillion emails about TriMiters - first because I goofed and added a period at the end of the link when I posted on the KnitList group, and then, joyfully, because knitters like it. The talented and very busy knitter behind the Owl Knits podcast is going to make it and let me know what she thinks! Now I'm waiting to get feedback on the directions. I tried really hard to make them clear and logical and will certainly clarify any murkiness.

I'm working on a new design right now, based on mitered stars. It's a quick knit, but I think it'll be very special. More to come on that . . .

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