Sunday, January 20, 2008

Special delivery

Each Spring, my son's Scout troop has its major fundraiser: selling and delivering pine straw. It's very popular in Dunwoody and a terrific project for the boys. They easily fill two large moving trucks with bales and spend an entire Saturday making their deliveries on well-orchestrated routes. It's exhausting, filthy work and they really get into it.

For two years now, the guys have added a special tradition to the fundraiser. When they get to our house (and they make sure T isn't one of the parent drivers for that route), they get a little . . . creative . . . in their delivery.

Hence, I arrive home to these imaginative delivery spots. Those bales in the tree are better than 8 feet off the ground, so I'm sure a couple of the taller Scouts had some special fun. I certainly did, trying to get them down.

Males between the ages of 11 and 17 are amazingly creative when it comes to monkeyshines. And lest you think they're working unsupervised, I have photographic evidence that adults were not only aiding, but gleefully abetting.

The this year's Pine Straw Fundraising project has just begun.

Can't wait to see where my straw lands this year.

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