Monday, January 14, 2008

The little things can make or break your day.

I'm organized? It just looks that way. Somehow I manage to stay on top of things. Except when I'm not.

1. "Control-z." It undoes whatever you just did on the computer. It's fast. It's fearless. And it's way better than point, select the delete or clear option, and click.

2. Run errands between 10 am and 3pm. In Atlanta, it's the only way you can do anything in a reasonable amount of time. If you live here, you understand.

3. Savor a quiet hour early in the morning before the kids get up and the workday officially starts. Wow. Can I get a ton of things done in just one hour.

4. Keep a small pencil pouch with knitting essentials, one for each knitting bag: counter, tapestry needle, miniature scissors, cable needle, markers, crochet hook, and measuring tape. These inexpensive items can stop a project cold, so I want to make sure I always have what I need.

5. An internet-accessible calendar reminds me of upcoming appoints THE DAY BEFORE. Let's see . . . three jobs, two kids, multiple volunteer projects, and my own occasional appointments. Whew.

6. Clean what you can see. My house stays pretty neat, but it isn't necessarily spic and span.

7. I spend a lot of time in waiting rooms, carpool lines, music studios, and bleachers. At least one of my works in progress is always portable so the time passes peacefully.

8. Never, never, never mention that you have some free time. That's just asking for bad karma.

9. Sleep! If I'm not drifting off by 11, I take one Tylenol PM or a half dose of Nyquil. Sounds gross, but my doc said it can't hurt and it puts me right out. I can't focus or function the next day if I don't get those super seven hours.

10. Knitting blogs: bless you all for helping me when I get stuck. Somewhere in your archives is exactly the information or hint I'm looking for, and it's just a Google away!

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