Thursday, January 24, 2008

A little fun with my favorite knitting blogs and sites

If I were a Daily Knitter, I might be a MagKnit for all kinds of Knitting Psychos. I may even be considered a Yarn Harlot, considering the extent of my stash, or Knitting Pattern Central, with my extensive library of knitting books and pamphlets. But I try to keep things in perspective. Yes, knitting is my Knitch in life. But it isn't the only thing I do. Really.

I started out as a Knitty Chick, pecking at the yarn and limiting myself to safe scarves and belts. Then wise Knit Sisters encouraged me to try new stitches and techniques. Now I'm just a Big Geek about knitting. It's simply my favorite way to Unwind.

Since I knit below the Mason-Dixon Knitting line, my work has a definite Southern flavor. Call me a Knitting Heretic, but I think knitting is all about breaking the "rules," not limiting oneself to Vintage Purls and Garter Knit stitches. Break free! Knit on the net! Get stitched on the farm! Ravel it!

Hey, I'm not your Crazy Aunt Purl. I'm not even a woman possessed. Maybe someday I'll stash and burn.

But not today. I have knitting to do.

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