Saturday, January 19, 2008

Snow in Atlanta and other oddness

I know everyone laughs at Southerners and the way we react to even a dusting of snow. Sure, we go overboard. But snow is so rare here that it's worthy of our undivided attention. We like to imagine we'll be housebound for DAYS, so we stock up on unnecessary foodstuffs. We act like an inch of snow on the ground is plenty of support for the sleds we optimistically purchase and keep stored in the basement for years on end. And we pile the fireplace full of logs, sit back and enjoy the unique pleasure that is snow in the South.

Check out our house! There's a sight we don't see every year. I like the pattern the snow makes on our front mat. Hmm . . . is there a knitting pattern here?

I made a batch of beignets for the guys this morning. A and his best friend are playing video games and will head out shortly to try the sled on the hill near the house (our neighborhood is very hilly - houses perch high above the street on one side and the ground slopes sharply down to a creek on the other). AG spent the night with her BF D and is reported to be happily freezing her tushy off.

The only worry on the horizon is Scout Sunday tomorrow at St. Luke's. A and his troop are supposed to participate in the service, covering everything from prayers and Scripture readings to a flag ceremony and overview of the year's accomplishments. But we're not sure yet if all this pretty snow will turn to ice overnight. I don't care where in the country you live. Ice isn't a good thing to drive on. I just talked to the parent coordinator and assured her we'd be there regardless - one of the many benefits of living just a few blocks from the church. My guy can take multiple roles in the service to help cover for boys who can't make it.

I'm finishing a prayer shawl and will switch to my Jaywalkers shortly. The first sock is almost to the heel part, so it's moving along very well. I really like the yarn - it has a nice feel to it and the striping is fun. It seems to express the Jaywalker pattern perfectly. I'm making the upper portion a bit longer to suit my longer legs.

Back to the snow. I'm going to enjoy every single moment of it because Southern snows are just too fleeting.

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