Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Dunwoody glow worm

Our town newspaper, the Dunwoody Crier, has a delightful new column by Cathy Cobbs. She calls her news items "cobb-lets," and they're a fun mix of vents, questions, and insights about daily life in our corner of the county.

I emailed to her AG's query, regarding a glow worm nest sighted early in the morning darkness, en route to school.

Glow worm nest? There are glow worms? And they have nests?

She claimed the nest was high in the trees behind a house. As any reasonable, rational parent would, I told her it was likely a street light or the homeowner's floodlight. No, she insisted. This is a NEST. And it's too HIGH to be a light.

So I drove her to school so she could show me.

It looks like a nest. All puffy and eerily glowing in the dark. It's huge, about a foot or more in length. It's high up in the tree, much higher than a street light. And it looks like a caterpillar's cocoon. "See, Mom? It's a glow worm nest!"

We sent AG's find to the Crier to see what's up (literally). Logically, it's something very ordinary. But it sure looks cool.

And why not indulge a ten-year-old's quest for the extraordinary?

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