Sunday, January 13, 2008

Prayerfully knitting

T and I attended a reception last night, where the guests included many very special people. The "business" of the reception was church-related, and the bevy of kindred spirits made made it especially nice. KK, the dear lady who taught me to knit, attended, despite significant health challenges. (Her philosophy: "it could be worse, so here I am." I want to be KK when I grow up.) KM, an energetic and creative knitter who heads up Outreach at our church, shared a new "recipe" for a prayer shawl.

The challenge with knitting for charity is that, over time, the purpose behind the knitting can be so saddening. So I like to mix up my projects, layettes stillborn here, prayer shawls filled with hope and, now, caps for the homeless. This latter idea comes from KM, and it's a terrific one. The shawls and caps make wonderful use of stash and remnant yarns.

What I really like about prayer shawls is they fill that desire to do "something." In the midst of pain or need, at least you can give someone a tangible hug, prayed over through its creation, and given with love. Most of the time, I don't know who's getting the prayer shawls I knit because anyone in the church can go into the closet where we keep them and take one to give. No questions, no strings attached.

I'm casting on a new prayer shawl this afternoon once everything is ready for our senior high youth group's Progressive Dinner. We're hosting the main course stop. Steak and pineapple kabobs are ready for the grill, potatoes are oiled and wrapped so they can go in the oven, and the tables are all set. It'll be a fun evening for all of us!

God, help me to remember to be more Mary than Martha as I prepare for the youth coming to our home. And let the prayer shawl I begin carry your grace through me and to the one You know needs it most.


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