Saturday, January 12, 2008

More than a haircut

About a month ago, AG said she wanted to cut her hair. Her gorgeous, multi-hued, long red hair. She'd been growing it for a few years in preparation for Middle School and all-things-tween. So I told her to wait - let's see if this is an impulse or really what you want to do.

In the spirit of reasoned debate, I pointed out:

  • Long hair is "the look" for tweens and teens.
  • You've been growing it for more than 3 years.
  • You won't be able to wear a pony tail or a messy bun (both of her favorite styles).
  • It's not long enough for Locks of Love.

My daughter is nothing if not determined. This kid knows her mind better than any adult I know. She doesn't care what the crowd is doing (particularly the Queen Bees and their courts) and she can always grow it again. I really admire this about her.

Somewhere along the line, her BF D joined the game. Both wanted haircuts, and both wanted them at the same time.

After careful consultation between moms, we made a weekend of it. D spent the night, we got up this morning, and breakfasted at Panera Bread. Then we dropped in at Azima here in Dunwoody, my fave place to get my own hair cut because they do really good work, charge reasonable prices, and TAKE WALK-INS.

(Sure, Great Cuts does the same thing, but that's a newbie factory. Azima is much, much better than that. I never have a hair appointment because I can't plan that far ahead.)

Both girls were taken at the same time. No wincing, no gulps.

And they look wonderful. Nice jaw-line blunt cuts, with bangs for D and without for AG.

Of course, there's a knitting connection. I worked on Jaywalker (MagKnits) while both girls enjoyed their pampering. The first sock is coming along very well. The pattern is easily memorized and I'm in the leg portion, so it's as close to mindless knitting as it gets.

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