Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday night knitting

Ahh, Friday night. My daughter is spending the night with her BF D (and hoping, hoping, hoping that the forecasted snow actually hits the ground enough for sledding!), my son is munching on a hot dog and prepping for an evening of gaming on his Wii, and my poor husband is still at work. I'm going to put my feet up, work on the prayer shawl, and try to stay awake for TLC's Miss America reality show.

I am completely focused on Miss Virginia. She's the sweet baby who entered the world about the time T and I were married, blossomed as a ballerina through years of arduous practice, committed herself completely and faithfully to God, and is now fulfilling the aspirations of her parents and their friends: a happy, wonderful, genuine, focused-on-what-matters-most young lady. I am so completely proud of Hannah Martine Kiefer!

I have sent many prayers her way, and now she's in the hands of God and her own common sense. I do not care for the over-dramatization of the TLC show (please . . . why do they think they're the end-all and be-all of what's best for these girls?). But I love the way Hannah has stayed true to her values. Favorite bit from last week: one of the girls was scared of jumping into the pool. Hannah hugged her, rubbed her arm, and supported her unselfishly. She has neither sought the cameras nor her own limelight. I love that girl!

Hannah Kiefer, Miss Virginia. She's dear to my heart because of what's in her heart.

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