Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The birthday that slapped me upside the head

Today I hit one of those milestone birthdays. It comes with these:

He went to Jared! Check out the major WOW factor of my extravagant diamond necklace and earrings!!!

and these:

The kids got me knitting loot! Sock forms, a shawl pin, and a pattern that I really wanted. I promptly put Jaywalker #1 on one of the sock forms.

and these:
my cohorts at Dunwoody Nature Center shared the love - luscious lavender to grow in a pot and a custom designed bracelet featuring butterflies, the icon of one of our biggest special events!

I'm not going to say which birthday I'm celebrating. I quite enjoy the shock on the faces of the much-younger moms who find out. If I broadcast it here, the surprise isn't as much fun.

I feel blessed in so many ways. Except time! So much still to do. So much less time. Ah, well. I'm just going to have to kick it up a notch and get even busier exploring new byways and moving ahead. My kids came to my husband and me when we were older than our peers. Just as knitting came to me later in life than the knitters I admire.

I've always been a late bloomer.

I'm trying things right now while friends have already "been there done that." They shrug, think I'm kind of slow, and move on to the next big thing. I don't mind toddling along afterward. I'm too busy enjoying the here and now!

Check out my roses and lovely vase! T will be in San Francisco for Valentine's Day, so he presented me with flowers during the birthday festivities. The guy doesn't miss a thing.

So today, for my birthday, I count my blessings:

  • My husband and children - I longed for this when I was younger and got everything I imagined.
  • Knitting - of course! It's meditation, recreation, socialization and inspiration.
  • Fulfilling work - writing, the Nature Center, website management, teaching Preschool Phonics.
  • Community of faith - what would I do without you?
  • Friends - you're wonderful!
  • Home - it's OURS. How very essential that is.
  • My inner Donna Reed. I admit it. I was born in the wrong generation.
It isn't all good. But it's good. Yes, indeed.

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