Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Stuff knitters like

One of today's AJC op-ed pieces covered a funny web site,, which had me howling. The satirical site pokes fun at a certain population's quirks. (Today's edition covers water bottles. I'm wincing.) So, of course, I started thinking about knitters and our own special likes.

Stuff Knitters Like

  1. The sale bin at the LYS - it has to be filled with a sweater's worth of really expensive yarn, specially marked down to $1 a skein just because I want a bargain (the fact that the LYS would make zero money on the sale must be irrelevant)
  2. Free patterns (designers have to earn a living? really?)
  3. Yarn that doesn't pill after you've worn the knittable a few times (the cheap stuff looks good on the sales receipt, but it sure doesn't perform well)
  4. Low arms on chairs - how does a chair designer expect me to wield the needles with that decorative arm poking me in the elbow?
  5. Knitting totes - you can never have too many for those WIPs
  6. Ravelry - the developers can't get it running fast enough for the demand!
  7. iPod - not for the latest music downloads, but for music to knit by and knitting podcasts
  8. Easily memorized patterns - it's hard to chat with your knitting circle if you're having to mark a row, knit it, count the stitches, frog, mark the next row, curse, pick up the dropped stitch, correct the purl that should have been a knit, frog, etc.
  9. A LYS just a few minutes away - that's essential in metro Atlanta, where 15 miles turns into an hour's drive at any given moment. I'm still mourning the loss of Dunwoody Yarn.
  10. Rowan - we meld with each new design, living vicariously in the English countryside where they work and have their photo shoots, and imagine wearing those exquisite knits like a size-2 model. Ahem.
Oh, there's more. Want to suggest some? More to come!

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