Monday, February 25, 2008

Jaywalkin' the blues

Jaywalker is finished! My daughter is practicing the "banana boat" song on her sax, also famous as the theme song in the Beetlejuice movie. Seems appropriate to celebrate the blue striations of these fun-to-knit socks.

Yarn: Kertzer’s On Your Toes in teal, ON223600

Needles: #1 doublepointed bamboo, set of 5

Length of Project: Took a month, because I set it aside for weeks at a time.

Design Notes: Really easy to memorize pattern, so a great project for road knitting, carpool and waiting rooms. I made the legs 10" instead of the pattern's 9" because my legs are longer.

Here, my daughter models Jaywalker. They're too big for her, but she'll likely "borrow" them often since she loves crazy socks.

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