Monday, February 4, 2008

Casting around for the next project

As if my queue isn't busy enough:
  • Jaywalker (half done - casting on sock #2)
  • Prayer shawl #3 (1/3 complete)
  • Mukluks (just beginning)
  • Layette for ShareAtlanta (complete except for booties)
  • Ice Queen
I've been mulling some ideas for the next project.

Saturday morning, I visited my favorite LYS, Cast-On Cottage in Roswell. I hadn't visited since the new owner acquired the shop. There were two classes in progress, friendly staff meandering through the pattern room and various store areas, and lots and lots and lots of yarn, patterns, accessories, etc. Even better, the staff was friendly and seemed to really enjoy working with knitters.

I needed sock forms to block Jaywalker. They had them! In various sizes! I wanted a shawl pin to accent my mixed-media design from last year. They had some real beauties! I wanted to see some of the latest patterns. They had an extensive library! I spent just an hour in the shop this time, but will definitely return shortly because I did indeed get some ideas.

Hello to Marcie! I told you I'd mention you and the shop in my blog.

She and owner Theresa Giordanengo were wonderfully helpful to T when he arrived with the kids in tow get my Christmas present. They even called other LYS to help him find an item that was sold out at Cast-On Cottage. Unlike the sniffy staff of another LYS in Atlanta (how dare he arrive near closing time to purchase a ball winder!!!!), they really believe in customer service.


  1. I went to Cast-on Cottage for the first time in several years and was pleasantly surprised by the change. Everyone asked if I needed help and let me alone just to browse. When it was time to check out they were very helpful and friendly. Not at all the atmosphere previously. I do miss Dunwoody Yarn for a quick yarn petting fix, tho.

  2. I'm with you on Dunwoody Yarn. I even talked to the owner about buying the shop! But reality set in. It would be nice to have a LYS that's easier to get to.


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