Monday, February 11, 2008

Hello, I'm Knitternall

Hello, I'm Knitternall and I'm budget-obsessed. I have purchased 12 skeins of Cascade 220 (same dye lot!) for less than $2 each on eBay. I have amassed dozens of skeins from sale bins and combined them in gorgeous multi-textured sweaters and shawls. I have furnished my sunroom in shabby chic tables and chairs from curbside and Goodwill (a coat of paint does wonders). I have dressed my children in the latest Southern child couture (Kelly's Kids, Lilly Pulitzer, Orient Expressed, Bailey Boy) from consignment sales and neighbors' share-wear. I cook dinner almost every night because that's more fun and way cheaper than eating out.

While I admit to my fondness for a good price, I'm not receptive to changing my ways. I shudder when I look at the price tags on the season's newest frocks and I just can't hand over my credit card to pay full-priced shoes for the kids. It just seems wrong.

That frugality extends to knitting. I have made some beautiful clothing, purses, and accessories from straightforward wool, cotton, and blended yarns. (Check out my Nicole from Chic Knits - made with Patons Classic Merino in a discontinued color for just $1 a skein!!!) Maybe someday, when the kids are finished with college, I'll indulge in some luscious silks and bamboos.

But for now, I'm enjoying myself. On a budget, thank you very much.

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