Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tangrams and knitting

My son is working on the classic Geometry tangram project, Lewis Carroll's concepts for Alice in Wonderland. He's figured out the Cheshire Cat and the White Rabbit. Next come the Mad Hatter and the cranky Queen. I think just about every Geometry student has tackled this project at one time or another. And, believe it or not, there are solutions on the internet. Cheating sure wasn't that easy when I took Geometry (admittedly a really long time ago).

I haven't enlightened A about the solutions. And, bless him, it hasn't occurred to him to look.

Tangrams remind me of the complex interrelationship of knits and purls to create dimension and pattern. Geometry is at the heart of knitting design - slopes and angles, lines and planes - calculating proportions exactly is the difference between good design and bad fit.

Math was never my strong suit. I'm a writer, not a calculator!

But I'm going to have to overcome my reluctance to do the math as I embark on my first major design. I have in mind a long, hip-hiding, figure-flattering, perfectly fitted, kimono-style sweater. There will definitely be math.


  1. It's been 20 years since I ineptly, but determinedly clacked needles together to create a pathetic mishappen gift for my boyfriend, Barry. I can see now, that even in our insecure beginnings, we were meant to be together. He not only wore that awful scarf but kept it all these years and now our 11 yr old, D wears it with the same unconditional love. (my cup runneth over!)

    I have moved on to other hobbies - thankfully, most I can do well enough to willingly claim as mine. I've considered trying again, but the far less challenging pleasure and immediate gratification that comes from pouring through a good read wins every time!

    So I felt compelled to write and tell you how I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog!!

    Sadly, I may never take advantage of the free advice, tips and resources you offer for knitting. But I'll be back often to sample your delightfully spun tales!

  2. Oh, knitternotsomuch - I love your identity! I really appreciate the warm fuzzies. You never know . . . knitting may enter your life again. Timing is everything!

  3. Two comments:
    1) you need to come to SF with hubby to go to ArtFibers and get them to make you that perfect pattern - no math!
    2) we have had the most wonderful Cheshire Cat moon in the sky for the last couple of evenings - a perfect grin withoug a face!


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