Saturday, December 22, 2007

Warning: Elves At Work

For nearly 9 years, two elves have joined our family every Christmas . . . for as long as we've lived in Dunwoody. They arrive the Sunday after Thanksgiving and leave Christmas Eve. Lucy comes for AG, and, until two years ago, Bentley came for A. Their needs are simple (fresh water and crackers left out each night plus a sprinkling of snow dust to re-animate them after midnight) and their ways quite mischievous. Through the years, they have:

  • toilet-papered the house
  • scattered Christmas books all over the floor
  • lined up all of the kids' shoes through the upstairs hall and down the stairs
  • hidden in some really imaginative spots
  • stacked all the kitchen chairs on top of the table
  • tried to hitch a ride in the kids' backpacks to school
  • practiced driving in the family van
  • cooked up pancakes and made a huge mess with the flour
  • helped complete the annual mega-puzzle we all work on
  • teased Scooter the Wonder Dog by banging on his kennel
  • and had pillow fights under the Christmas tree
This may be Lucy's last year with AG. At ten, she's been asking a lot of questions. A didn't look for Bentley last year, but what then-14-year-old male would? For the past few years, he'd just been sharing with his sister.

Ah, well. It's been a lovely tradition. Who knows . . . just because the kids get older doesn't mean Mom has to grow up! Those mischievous elves may still have a willing host for Christmas Future.

It looks like New Year's will be a festive time here in the neighborhood. We have a gathering for New Year's Eve that begins early in the evening and one for New Year's Day, a Southern-flavored open house featuring Hoppin' John. (That's black-eyed peas, rice, and ham plus lots of other yummy ingredients. It's good luck to start the New Year with a bowl-ful!) I think I'll make that Dunwoody Dip for the New Year's Eve party.

I'm still knitting away on the Einstein Coat and trying to finish the newest handbag design. It's so relaxing to have these few days at home. Back to work on Wednesday, but it'll be very quiet at the Nature Center, despite a camp for little ones. I might wander the trails a bit, picking up trash and checking on things.

Tomorrow, I'm hosting the church's continental breakfast. The Dunkin' Donuts Munchkins are ordered, the juice is cooling in the fridge, and now I need to make the Sausage Balls and Deviled Eggs. I love this time of year!

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