Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hello, Knitty!

Amy Singer's latest edition of Knitty just came out. Wonderful patterns. I particularly like the snow queen thing. The model is gorgeous - I'm absolutely sure I'd look quite as lovely if I made it. Okay, I'd FEEL quite as lovely. Nothing like a gorgeous piece of lace to bring out the girly.

I'm finishing this lovely green cabled handbag. Doesn't this vintage bakelite handle in teal look fabulous? I just have to line it and it's ready for gift-giving.

I just started the Einstein Coat from Sally Melville's Knitting Experience book. I'm doing it in black because I love long black sweaters with blue jeans. My current one, purchased ages ago at a discount place, is all fuzzy and pathetic. This will be much better. Textural, weighty, and a good fit. I chose Paton's Classic Merino for its simplicity, loft, and price. Doubled up, the yarn fits the gauge and, thanks to Michaels' amazing discount on Black Friday, the cost of the 20 or so skeins fits my budget.

AG started her saxophone lessons last night and regaled us with A, B, C, and D for the requisite half hour of practice today. She's so enthusiastic - it's something she's wanted for a long time, so I'm glad she can have the lessons. Talk about cost . . . whew! As a freelance writer, I truly appreciate the time and talent behind the hourly rate. As a cost-conscious mom, I'm gulping. A played the flute for three tense years in middle school and dropped it as soon as he started 9th grade this year. He was quite good, but the block schedule just doesn't allow any room for extracurriculars. I'm hoping a modified block will change things for AG when she moves up in a few years.

An unexpected gift came from a friend yesterday. She dropped off a gift certificate for a 60-minute massage at tres trendy Spa Sydell, right here in Atlanta. I'm stunned. Such generosity! She knows how many directions I'm flying, in addition to handling A's chronic health issues and anxieties. It's exhausting. Now I have a major splurge to look forward to! (Victory dance, right here, right now.)

Time to run A to mock trial practice and pick up AG from choir practice. Has it been another week already?

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