Monday, December 3, 2007

12-Hour Drive, Four Hour Visit

On one hand, it's wonderful to see family. On the other hand, it's exhausting. We did our annual road trip to NC for my husband's family Christmas gathering. 40+ came, a cross-generational hug fest that was big on comfort food and short on time. Since it was A's birthday, we brought a cookie cake as well as the requisite box of fried chicken from the colonel and sodas. Since we're road-kin, they don't expect homemade goodies. It was our first time together since T's mother died, so it was nice to add some happy memories.

Of course, I knitted the entire trip. Well, except when I helped A with some Biology homework and indulged in a paperback. But all in all, it was a productive ride. I managed to finish all the dishcloths and present them, beautifully wrapped, to T's sister and brother's families. (This tradition of a homemade family gift was really hard until I learned how to knit. Now it's way easier.) D opened hers right away - forget waiting until Christmas! She seemed really delighted with the palette of colors and patterns in her set of six. B will likely wait - they're very patient people!

I have some really interesting wool yarn. Rich striated colors that seque from burgundy through creams and yellows to bright green and back again. I thought I'd use it for the Sunrise Jacket, but the colors don't work with the seaming between the circular back and sleeves. So I'm thinking about a really long pinwheel jacket, either a Berroco pattern or one I saw in Elann. I just need to gauge it this week.

For the past two years, I've sold my purses and scarf sets at a couple of holiday bazaars in town. I've done some great business - nearly everything sells. But this year, juggling two jobs and the family stuff has meant a sharp decrease in productivity. But a friend who knows I've made a few things anyway called to see if I have anything in my FO stash. Here's one:

If she doesn't like these, they'll likely go as gifts to my kids' teachers. They deserve something special!


  1. this is very cute! where can we finda pattern for it??

  2. I made up the pattern! It's a variation on a free pattern from Michael's that I adapted to work in the round and deeper, and using a bulky yarn like Lion Brand's thick and quick. Here's the link: The ribbon works easily through the cabled overlays - I like to change the ribbon to coordinate with different outfits.


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