Friday, December 7, 2007

Excuse Me!

I was standing somewhat patiently in line at our local Ross after a blitz search for a dressy blouse to wear tonight. It was 2:20, and I had to pick up AG from school in just 20 minutes. Inevitably, there was just one cashier, while various and sundry staffers wandered the aisles and put up stock. I was fourth in line, and at least half a dozen people were behind me after a ten-minute wait.

A very well dressed woman bearing a Loehmann's bag and a pair of very dressy stilletto-heeled satin-and-rhinestone shoes was right in front of me. She hovered between the single lane and the service desk so she could move up to the next available cashier. Productive idea, and it was working pretty well. If the service desk person was free, she'd occasionally take a shopper.

Finally, the staff opened another lane. Now there were two cashiers plus the service desk. Loehmann's Lady still hovered somewhere in the middle, so the rest of us stayed courteously behind her.

An older woman came up from the side, saw the line between the two lanes, and decided we were all waiting for the same cashier. She moved briskly up to the newly opened lane.

"Excuse me," Loehmann's Lady said sternly and loudly. "The line is HERE."

Older woman meekly pushed her cart back at the end of the line.

I was impressed. Loehmann's Lady had designed a new line system and she made sure we all toed the line.

As soon as she paid, separate lines formed at the two lanes.

I don't think Loehmann's Lady is from the South. Bless her heart.

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