Thursday, December 6, 2007

Tag . . . You're Not It

It's amazing how many "forward this or else" emails I get. The chain always breaks with me, because I don't forward things. I figure there are enough avenues for viruses and spam without me adding to the trash heap.

However, I do enjoy the tags that flow through knitting blogs. A recent one, "Four Things," got me thinking. So, without a tag and without tagging someone else, here goes:

Four Jobs I've Had
Waitress in a pizza restaurant
Cropping tobacco on a farm (I was 15)
Freelance writer

Four Movies I Love To Watch Over And Over
Texas Across the River (it's a childhood thing)
Steel Magnolias
National Treasure
Any Harry Potter movie (I'm a geek)

Four Places I Have Lived
Naha, Okinawa
Greensboro, North Carolina
Topeka, Kansas
Dunwoody, Georgia

Four TV Shows I Enjoy Watching
Decorating Cents on HGTV
Keeping Up Appearances on PBS
Animal Rescue on Animal Planet
StarGate Atlantis (I'm a geek)

Four Places I Have Been
Blowing Rock, North Carolina

Four Websites I Visit Daily
Knitting Pattern Central
Mason Dixon Knitting
Dunwoody High School website - Parent Portal - for announcements & grades - because I manage it!

Four Places I Would Rather Be
On an extended, all expenses paid vacation with my husband to anywhere
In my comfy clothes, enjoying quiet day at home

There! Consider yourself tagged, if you'd like to join the inner reflection pool.

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