Friday, December 21, 2007

It's a Southern thing.

We were in Greensboro, NC for the annual family reunion. One of the "potluck" foods brought to the table was cocktail biscuits from Biscuitville. I really, really miss Biscuitville.

(Note to Biscuitville corporate management: Fresh Market has moved into Dunwoody with great success. Since they're a Triad-area corporate neighbor, why not consider joining them here? There's a vacant Boston Market right across the street that would fit you just perfectly. Those of us here who are ACC and NASCAR expatriates would sure appreciate it!)

There's just no other place like it here in Atlanta. These miniature gems of butterymilky goodness were filled with tiny slivers of country ham. Just a mouthful, but wonderfully good. They're not PC, but they're such a rare treat for us now that my husband loaded up on them. (He was at the end of the 50+ line of family members, so felt perfectly comfortable getting as much as he wanted.)

Calling a miniature country ham biscuit a "cocktail biscuit" is about as Southern as you get.

I love the South.

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  1. Graul's Markets in the Baltimore-Annapolis area makes a Smithfield ham spread that is to die for. A teaspoon of the spread on a split cocktail biscuit, put it back together, pop into the oven at 350 just to heat - the best!


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