Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Snarky times

Twice in the past few weeks, I've wrestled verbally with snarky people. In both cases, I got in the way of some well mis-placed irritation. I wasn't the cause, but they wanted me to be the solution. Southern-born good manners get in the way of a healthy response. Instead, a smiling "I'm so sorry!" takes the place of "Grow up and take responsibility for your own mistake!" In one case, a Yankee raised his voice and got really heated about something I wasn't involved with in the first place. In the other, a new age mom was mad when her own procrastination led to the loss of something she valued.

I must give off vibes of Mom-hood. "There, there. Let Donna make it all right." Hmm. I'm too busy taking care of my brood, working the two jobs, handling all the sundry chores and Martha stuff, and carving out some knitting time to get too emotionally involved in taking care of other people's problems.

But I'm a Southerner. So rather than "Why in the world would you talk to me like that?" culprits see me grit my teeth, smile, and express sympathy.

Bless their hearts. (For you Yankees, that's the ultimate Southern put-down.)

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