Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sideways Cardigan is finished.

Vogue Knitting's Sideways Cardigan is finished. Great lacework, horrible directions. My neckline ended up all wrong because the yoke decreases didn't correlate to the schematic, and I was second-guessing the instructions. Then I got to that painful part where I was just ready to be FINISHED already. So rather than rip out the three yoke sections, I made a few crocheted adjustments. Now it fits me very nicely. The neckline is more like a boatneck, but that's actually flattering. I'm happy with the color and the drape. I'll block it today and give it a trial wear during the weekend.

Now I'm casting on a short sleeve cropped raglan sweater in a vivid green wool blend. It's a Lion Brand Yarn pattern, and I've liked the variations I found on Ravelry. Swatching shortly!

At this rate, I'll have some nice things to wear when the Fall weather starts running hot and cold well past Halloween.


  1. Your cardigan looks great!! I am also doing this pattern and am having trouble with the yoke. I am between a novice and an intermediate knitter and am over my head. I have unforgiving cotton yarn that does not want to do k3tog and when I do the k1p1 twice in the yo, I'm not sure if I'm doing it right. I start out by yarn in the back for the knit and then bring it forward for the purl; when I go to do the second one the only way I can manage it is to knit into the back for the knit stitch and bring it forward again for the purl. Is this right? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Whenyou mentioned the neckline decreases weren't right, I just about cried. Love the color you chose, mine is a terra cotta shade also.

  2. Oh, I feel your pain! I sat there, with this project puddled in my lap, many times as I sorted through the exasperating instructions.

    I discovered that consistency is paramount. What you're describing is how I did it. As for the K1P1 over and over again, I had plenty of room on the yarn-over for the multiple stitches.

    I keep looking at my finished cardigan. It's just not really wearable at this point! I can't fool myself any longer . . . time to frog the entire yoke and start over on that section. I think the key is to clarify the instructions ROW BY ROW, counting the stitches and noting the decreases by ROW. So learn from my pain - stop and do the math!!!


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