Wednesday, June 25, 2008


When we were first married, T and I volunteered with many political campaigns in his hometown, Greensboro, North Carolina. We had several friends running for City Council and Mayor and, at any given time, were working on behalf of bond referendums, reelections, new candidates, and more. It was fun, exhausting, and illuminating work.

One of my least favorite jobs was placing political yard signs in voters' yards and businesses. We'd have a scribbled list of addresses and a trunk full of signs, stakes, and a mallet. Off we'd go, to plant upwards of 50 signs at a time.

All would go well, until, inevitably, we'd get to one particular yard. The address was different each campaign, but it ALWAYS HAPPENED. The residents did not agree on the candidate. We'd plant a sign, and the spouse opposing the election would run out, yell at us, and demand that we pull it up. Very unpleasant. We'd apologize "for the confusion" as gracefully as possible, but drove away with our ears ringing.

The campaign's response to complaints about yard signs was, inevitably, to blame it on "overzealous volunteer workers."

Yesterday, our DUNWOODY YES! yard sign appeared in the front yard. I was thinking about the volunteer who showed up just two days after I emailed a request. Volunteering after work, putting in the kind of sweat equity that can't be compensated, showing a commitment to self-determination that's fundamentally American: you are wonderful!

Thank you, "overzealous volunteer." Your zeal for volunteering on behalf of cityhood is much appreciated. You can count on my vote for Dunwoody!

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