Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day knitting

Happy Father's Day, T.

You've grown into quite a father to our kids. We spent our pre-kids years with travel and fine food, then decided fairly late that it was time to start a family. God blessed us with two amazing kids, each singular in personality and outlook, each beloved.

While you were deeply distrustful of diaper and potty-training experiences, you gave both a really good try. You discovered an interest in scribbles and stuffed animals as well as a gift for resurrecting lost files in Pokemon Blue. As the kids' passions and needs have evolved, you've stayed right there with them, sitting through hours of animated movies, waiting patiently in video stores and the zoo, closing your eyes and guessing ad infinitum what your daughter has to show you, coaxing your anxious son into new experiences, and looking the other way for the occasional bed time well past midnight.

Well done. And keep up the good work.

Love, D.

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