Friday, June 13, 2008

Knitting with Bleach.

Last evening, I took A and his friend to one of the limited showings of Bleach, an anime movie from the Shonen Jump line-up that I most definitely did NOT want to see. A is all about manga and anime and graphic novels and animated shows with obviously dubbed American voices and stuff like that. I'm not turning my nose up, no way. At his age, I was in a world my parents couldn't follow. It's only natural.

Anyway, we headed for the Regal Hollywood 24 on an I-85 access road in Chamblee, cutting through rush hour traffic to get there in time for the guys to play in the arcade before the show. I was delighted to see benches in the lobby and main hall outside the theater.

Guess what I did instead of watching a movie called Bleach that wasn't about laundry.

I worked on the Sideways Cardigan. I finished the main body and seamed the sides and shoulders. I finished the neck edge and now I'm ready to cast on the button band. Yippee!

By the way . . . I had some preconceptions about the Bleach crowd: I assumed there would be lots and lots of teen-aged and twenty-something guys from the geek side of the aisle. Not. I watched couples, Goths, cute teenage girls, families, and more stroll into the theater. It was fascinating to see how wide a swatch anime is reaching in this country.

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