Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Giving Knitter

One of the hardest things for me is to let go of something conceived, knitted, and presented to the world. The Knitternall Felted Tote is leaving home. It's going to the Silent Auction benefiting the Dunwoody Nature Center, and I am donating it with considerable angst. I want to support our mission (environmental education) and I love sharing my knitting, but . . . this is SPECIAL. It's the first design I created, patterned, and shared on my blog. Gosh.

One thing makes me feel a little better. A Master Gardener, on site to work on some of our special gardens, saw it and asked if I could change the flower to a Trillium. Of course! I love special orders, and it's always fun to create something special.

Goodby, purple Felted Tote. May you find a special place in someone's heart and win some much-needed funds for our little park and Nature Center.

Guess I'd better started working on a Trillium-inspired rendition.

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