Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Knitting wisdom.

My son had oral surgery Monday to remove four wisdom teeth. It seems to be a rite of passage for the teen years. On the surface, it's "oh, yeah - I had that done. Not fun." On the other hand, when a kid has Crohn's disease, no surgery is "oh, yeah." We scheduled the surgery two weeks after Remicade so his immune system had a little bounce back from complete supression. And we didn't wait until too close to the next infusion so he wasn't also suffering the usual flare-up stuff.

Nonetheless, he's running a temp and we're watching him carefully for signs of infection. He's wide open for anything, so it's always a worry.

For surgery that isn't supposed to be "a big deal," it sure does hurt. The swelling, the pain, the drooling, the sheer misery is appreciable. I remember it well. I'm sure A will remember it, too.

Why are they called "wisdom" teeth? Because they generally emerge after all the other teeth, usually in adolescence when - supposedly - there's more wisdom. They have to come out when they crowd the other teeth, ruining all that expensive orthodontia.

"Wisdom?" As if.

I realize that the Latin origins of "wisdom teeth" came at a time when people married and had children long before kids today finish high school. They grew up earlier because life expectancy wasn't as long.

So we're stuck with a term that's hardly apropos for the age of kids when they undergo this surgery. As for the rare adult who has them removed later in life, maybe so.

Through hours in the waiting room and bedside at home, I managed to knit from the yoke to completion of the Cropped Cardigan Sweater.

Hence, knitting wisdom.

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