Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Let the love continue

It's fun to see how many people read my Dunwoody bits. While most visitors come from the knitting world across America, the fact that I'm a dyed-in-the-peach Dunwoody Townie certainly colors my blogs.

So it was with yesterday's "faves." I had quite a few friends call and email with their own. I can't believe I forgot some of these!

Favorite breakfast, part 2: Goldberg's in Georgetown Shopping Center. OMG, the cinnamon rolls are sinfully ginormous and yummmmmm.

Favorite Dunwoody Courtesy: people letting you "in" when traffic is bumper to bumper on Mt. Vernon Road.

Favorite Icecream Place: The fact that you can hang outside Bruster's on hot summer nights makes it the perfect gathering spot to catch up with friends and neighbors.

Favorite Pimento Cheese Sandwich: World Peace Cafe (okay, it's in Sandy Springs, but it's close enough to count!)

Favorite "Desserty": Intermezzo Cafe, for fantastic, indulgent desserts and flavorful coffee.

Favorite Shoe Store: Nordstrom's at Perimeter Mall. If you're fitting a wriggling kid's foot, the staffers in the children's department are amazingly patient and adept. And semiannual shoe sales for grown-up feet are the way to go if you don't want to wince (too much) at designer shoe prices.

Favorite Shoe Store when Reality Hits: Target!!!!

Favorite Designer Boutique: Goodwill. Yep. From Abercrombie & Fitch for your "all that" teen to outrageous designer labels, you CAN find it there. Yes, it's in Sandy Springs. Yes, it's worth the hunt.

Favorite Pharmacy: Walgreen's. I've been to several of the others and this one gets my meds more promptly and has them stocked more often than the others. Plus, there's less turnover!

Favorite Place To Get Your Eyes Checked and Find Cute Glasses: Briggs Eye Care. Wonderful place.

Those are just a few of the places my friends said I forgot. So there!

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  1. Donna: You've given me an idea, Donna. Let's do a list of locally-owned-and-operated businesses for folks who like the idea of keeping local dollars circulating in the local economy, and enhancing the economic sustainability of our city.

    I'll draft one up and bring to the meeting Thursday so folks can add to it and then I'll post it on my blog for additional input.


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