Monday, February 16, 2009

Freshly ironed clothes.

When the kids were little, I painstakingly ironed EVERYTHING. I ironed tshirts, blankies, and table napkins as well as little john-johns and jeans. I like ironed clothes. Tshirts just look crisper, jeans less disgruntled, and tablecloths ready for action.

Then they got older, I started working more hours, and their clothes were less cute. Hey - jeans and a graphic tee are supposed to look distressed. I decided I hated ironing, as much as I loathe emptying the dishwasher.

My mom's recent visit brought home just how much I've missed the soothing routine and time-liness of ironing. She washed and ironed loads of clothes and the kids both noticed how much nicer their things looked.

So I'm ironing again. And it feels really good. Just like knitting, ironing is meditative for me. The added attraction is my handy-dandy iPod, recently bestowed by the family for my birthday. Peacock blue and loaded with my favorite bits of musical prose, it's the perfect companion to the back-and-forth, tug, move, align, and smooth motions of ironing.

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