Friday, February 20, 2009


Last evening's Student Showcase at Peachtree Charter Middle School paid homage to the academic teams, with a pep rally, great food by Shane's, Guthrie's, Domino's, Bruster's, and Rita's Italian Ice, performances by the 7th and 8th grade bands, cheerleaders and majorettes, dinner music by the orchestra, and great displays in the classrooms.

My favorite? The Jazz Band performance. Outstanding. Nights in Tunisia, Watermelon Man, the theme from Peter Gunn, and more. AG loves playing with the Jazz Band, and we're delighted she could join such enthusiastic and dedicated kids.

Great moments:

  • The cheerleader who grinned and blushed as I gave her a thumbs up - the same kid I've watched grow up from ambling toddler to sweet preteen.
  • The guitar players in the jazz band just chomping at the bit to play a solo, and wowing the audience with unbelievable music.
  • The mom who was obviously caught up in the music and indulging in some restrained foot-dancing, but stayed in her chair so her eye-rolling child wouldn't be embarrassed (we do things like that).
  • The girl who graciously walked back and forth during the pep rally to promote 8th grade ads in the yearbook.
  • The kids who wandered in packs, way too cool to be with their parents, only to tug same parents into a classroom to show off their poetry or model or essay or math poster.
  • The surreal rap by the math teachers, one cavorting in a platinum wig.
  • All of the parents rising out of the bleachers and moving to their grade sections for the Spirit Stick competition - and yelling just as loudly as their kids.
  • The principal correctly pronouncing all of the kids' names as he recognized math, quiz bowl, reading, mythology, science fair, and other participants and winners. (He cares enough to check with teachers and practice ahead of time.)
  • The violinists who played sweet melodies in the cafeteria and halls as families chattered and meandered.

I have the same satisfaction with PCMS I had with my kids' elementary school. The principal is an outstanding administrator and "gets" middle schoolers in a very positive way, the teachers my kids have had are creative and energetic, and the new building is very nice.

Great night!


  1. Thanks for mentioning the violinists. My daughter was one of them. She is very shy about playing solo for others and was very shy about approaching people she didn't know. Mr. B is fantastic and is trying to get the word out about the Peachtree orchestra because he thinks that band gets all the attention.

    It was a very nice night. This is our second of many years at Peachtree and it's been great so far.

  2. Was she? How delightful! I know it's really hard to play solo, but I saw many smiles from parents as they passed the violinists. Tell her thank you for taking the "spotlight" so graciously.


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