Monday, August 23, 2010

The (Harry Potter) ties that bind ...

After a morning of tending to two sick Knitternalls, the afternoon proceeded peacefully through chores, a light supper, responding to a few freelance clients, and knitting time. I posted on Facebook the fact that I was watching the Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family while knitting a sweater (bliss). Immediately, one of my college roommates pinged me back and said "we're watching it, too!" Then another college roommate chimed in.

Talk about the "Suite Life" - we shared a suite at North Carolina State University, where they had a close-up view of my painful transition from sheltered immaturity to dogged determination to not only make the Dean's List but graduate as early as possible (to save at least one semester tuition!).  It's amazing the way Facebook has bridged the years.

(Hence my flashback to the Star Wars movies - when The Empire Strikes Back left us cliffhanging for TWO YEARS until we learned the rest of the story.)

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows promises to do the same thing, splitting the last book into two movies separated by painful months of waiting. The only difference is that we know the end of THAT story.

Who knew that Harry James Potter would connect Joni, Meredith, and me this many years later?

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