Sunday, August 22, 2010

A few good pieces ...

I love, love, love what Kathie Chipman is doing in her little corner of Dunwoody. Her amazing sense of style and can-do spirit has catalyzed the launch of a blog and added much-needed panache to the Knitternall house.

Two vintage-new Kathie C bedside tables and lamps energized our master bedroom.
Blogging is this century's version of the kitchen door. When I was little, friends came and went through the back door, usually without a call ahead, for a cup of coffee and a chat. Our go-go-go lives make those drop-ins a matter of luck and timing, so blogging and facebooking and email keep us connected even as we move from one thing to another.

We can discuss what to wear, where to put something, how to arrange a room, what to do with sibling squabbles, and why my lemonade cake imploded when everyone else's bloomed beautifully.These internet chats don't replace our together-times. They are a welcome bridge, maintaining valued connections until we can be with each other again.

I loved visiting before and after my purchases during Kathie's "garage sale." And I'm so very glad that I get to be with kindred spirits at church.

My photography doesn't do Kathie's turqoise table justice. It's artful and richly hued.
Thanks for a happy day - and many beautiful new additions to our home.

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