Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Getting around is even better now.


Some of the nicest work crews I've ever encountered are wrapping up the paving of Vernon North Drive. Truck drivers smile and wave, different workers have been available to direct residents around the heavy equipment, huge machines have actually STOPPED to let us pass ... in all, it's been an amazing sight. Allied Paving has made lemonade out of inconvenience, so not only do we get a very nice road, we've also enjoyed a series of pleasant encounters with their crews. (Of course, all that heavy equipment has been sheer heaven for the neighborhood children. I even saw two sitting in lawn chairs perched curbside so they could get the closest possible view of the massive rolling machine moving back and forth over the hot pavement.)

Now that the weather is just a bit more tolerable, AG and I have been walking again. We discovered that the crosswalk on Mt. Vernon Road between Dunwoody Village and what we call "the Chic Fil A shopping center" is now very visibly marked. Cars actually stop! Pedestrians push a button and yellow lights flash on both sides of the road. What a very welcome change to "dodge car." We also walked the block around the library and up Vermack - no overhanging branches and shrubs!

So here's to you, City of Dunwoody. Great choice with Allied Paving and thanks for making walking in Dunwoody even more pleasant.

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