Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dueling Projects

Today . . .

Son is leading his last Eagle Project workday. He's recruited at least a half dozen Scouts from Troop 764 to sort games and package them for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. The Scouts will be labeling, sorting, cleaning, and accessorizing the sets. (I'm very sure snacking will be involved since Son made sure we had plenty of chips, sweets, and sodas.) He ended up with 26 game systems and enough games that each patient will have about 3 to enjoy while they're in the hospital. T will be the parent on deck while the guys work things out. If all goes well, he'll be ready to deliver them next week and begin his final paperwork.


Daughter and I are headed to Mill Glen Clubhouse to simmer spaghetti, set up the room, and prepare for this evening's Spaghetti Supper, the final fundraiser for her Odyssey of the Mind team's trip to World Finals. (Departure is this Wednesday!).

All that comes this afternoon and evening. But right now, it's quiet.   I could smell newly cut grass and caught the heady, earthy aroma of the tomato plants as I let the dog out this morning.  The keystrokes as I blog are the loudest sound in the kitchen.  Birds are warbling outside and my dog is grumbling deep in his throat as he glares at the neighbor's cat high-stepping through the wet grass in the back yard.  And I can hear T stirring upstairs as he reacts to the aroma of coffee.

This is the peaceful time, my favorite time of the day.

Good morning.

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