Friday, May 7, 2010

We're working all weekend for the arts, but tonight we eat pizza

The Odyssey of the Mind team and parents will be manning a booth in the Children's Area of the inaugural Dunwoody Arts and Crafts Festival. I'm looking forward to seeing many, many Phonics Friends, neighborhood children, and friends' kids during the event.

This weekend is all about raising money, but tonight is FRIDAY, and that means pizza night!

Usually, I make homemade pizza on Fridays, changing the recipes to suit everyone's tastes. But this evening we're heading to Vintage Pizzeria in Chamblee. Great menu. And a separate adult section. I'm glad there's a family-friendly side, but we're well past the wriggly, face-smeared-with-pizza-sauce, squeals and giggles stage. (Yay.) I'm all about kids, between giving them hugs and a comforting lap at the Nature Center and teaching them the basics of phonics. But tonight I just want a slice of Jersey-style pizza, a glass of pinot noir, and quiet chats with our family and friends. Mmmmm. Of course, we'll follow up with ice cream from The Frosty Caboose, one of our favorite vendors during the July 4th fireworks at Keswick Park. (Honestly - if you've never watched the fireworks there, you're missing a real treat.)

Despite the gimpy ankle, I plan to trawl the arts and crafts booths before taking our shift tomorrow afternoon. The opportunity to see so many original works right here in Dunwoody . . . delightful. And the fact that our own Dunwoody High School's blossoming arts program can benefit . . . sublime.

See you at the Festival. Come by the Odyssey team booth and get some bubbles for the kids and make a tissue flower for Mom.

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