Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Farmer's Market Day

I love Wednesdays! Now that Dunwoody has our very own Farmer's Market, it's wonderful to grab a market bag, stop by the Market before work at the Nature Center, and select my weekly indulgences.

I always pick up a loaf of olive bread and some herbes de provence-infused goat cheese. The artisan bacon and sausage are in perfect portions for sampling at home with some pasta or for Saturday brunch. Today I purchased three vegetable plants, Cherokee Black tomato, ambrosia cantalope, and zebra eggplant, to add to the garden. Hey - for just $3, someone has already taken them from seed to 6+" tall greenery! I skipped the honey because I picked up some Thistle and Wildflower a week before the Great Ankle Disaster.

I wish I could time my visit a little later, when the guy with the rolling brick oven has the first batches of pizza ready. Maybe later this summer, if he is still there. Shopping at the market is a sensory pleasure - roaring fire, the sizzle of bacon and sausage for samples, and the dense scents of homemade soaps and creams wafting through the air as I cruise the single aisle through our modest little outdoor market.

I spied John Heneghen there, who had just finished Dunwoody's Walk to School Day at Dunwoody Elementary School and was soon headed to the Dunwoody-Chamblee Parents Council meeting at Peachtree Charter Middle School. (I felt a bit guilty about not attending the latter, but had already missed too much work due to the blasted ankle.) I look forward to his insights posted on his marvelous blog.

Which reminds me - I've been feeling much relieved since I learned that the DeKalb School Board was voting on a recommendation to accept Peachtree's charter revisions as presented. Hurray! I'm not counting any chickens, though, because it still has to go back to the State Department of Education for final approval.

Now, if only Dunwoody's schools would coordinate in creating a Cluster Charter. Now THAT would be a very good thing for our students.

Whoops - time for Odyssey of the Mind practice, I have a book on hold at the library, and the Rot Doc is visiting in the next hour to tend to the rotted facia and thresholds in the rear of the house.

Busy, busy, busy.

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