Monday, July 6, 2009

Bits and pieces

I was not at peace with my technology last week. Mozilla Firefox decided to block my blog with some unfortunate processing delays. I tried Chrome and Maxthon, both of which worked fine, so I concluded it was time for a Firefox update. Voila. Access retrieved.

It's been an interesting week in Dunwoody as well as in my little knitting corner.

  • The 4th of July Parade winnowed its way down Mt. Vernon Road. Since it's an off-election year, the usual cavalcade of candidates was minimal. Instead, we were treated by drive-bys from Dr. Lewis and Dr. Harris, superintendent of DeKalb County Schools and principal of Dunwoody High School, respectively. My favorite entries? Kingsley's hula-hula swim team float and those fab Eagle Scouts who grand-marshalled the parade!
  • The tween walked behind the Dunwoody Nature Center entry, good-naturedly running after the frog pond-themed SUV when it roared ahead to keep up with the parade pace. She and her fellow Junior Counselors waved happily at the crowds while small campers in the back blew bubbles.
  • Fireworks rock! Especially those at Keswick Park in Chamblee. A loooooonnnnnngggg sequence of booming, ripping, strobing fireworks kept us well entertained. Someone turned on the field lights a bit prematurely, kind of dousing the finale. But it was all fun, well thronged, and an absolutely perfect conclusion to a special day. Thank you, Chamblee!
  • Of course, I'd love to see fireworks here in Dunwoody. Maybe the county would let us set up at Dunwoody Park. Imagine the baseball bleachers and infields filled with spectators and fireworks roaring overhead from the outfield. Why not?
  • I cast on Norah Gaughan's Tilted Duster in a heathered dark green and am very, very happy with the work in process. The weekend was leisurely enough for me to finish the sleeves and begin the skirt. It won't be long until I have another cool design to add to my winter wardrobe.
  • Our little neighborhood is still fighting City Hall over the proposed development in our backyards. If a fifth daycare does indeed take root in the village, maybe we should change the name from Dunwoody Village to Daycare Village!
  • One of the tween's long-lasting friends has been volunteering at Dunwoody Nature Center. Well known for his keen sense of fun, he's proven to be one of our most engaging and responsible Junior Counselors. Kids do the darnedest things as they grow up.
  • The teen is heading to the DMV to get his driver's license in the next couple of weeks. Sigh. T ordered one of those "new driver" magnets to put on the car. Does that come with a few thousand pounds of padding?
  • The cantalope and watermelon I planted in the square foot garden are slowly creeping up the trellis and across the open sections of the box. Whoo-hoo!
  • I think I'll add the neighborhood stream to the Riverkeepers' list of clean-up sights. It could sure use some TLC. If we all pitch in, maybe we can take care of all those twisted vines and 30 years of erosion and debris.
  • I met the new principal for Peachtree Charter Middle School today for some one-on-one planning. Scott Heptinstall strikes me as very savvy, quite interested in both teachers' and parents' input, and definitely engaged in the middle school student.
  • I just added a Preschool Phonics class for the fall. A dozen little minds to introduce to the wonders of reading . . . I can't wait!
A busy week, a busy summer, and, soon, a very busy year.

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