Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A break in the summer heat

Did you get up this morning and discover that summer is wonderful again?

The dense, humid heat that has broiled Dunwoody for the past few weeks has finally broken. The sky seems clearer, plants look greener, and the air feels breathable. The tween and I enjoyed an afterdark stroll last night, I enjoyed some meditative plant watering both at home and at Dunwoody Nature Center, and all the windows at work are open to let in the fresh air.

While we're all still very tired from the Butterfly Festival (the clean-up is neverending), the refreshing temperatures make the work much more pleasant. Soon, the last recyclables will go to the collection site and the park will give no hint of the throngs who chased butterflies last weekend.

A family visited the park today for the first time, fresh from unpacking boxes that traveled from New York City to Dunwoody. They've already planted a vegetable garden and are eager to uncover all the sustainable living opportunities in our blooming city. We told them about Sustainable Dunwoody, the Farmers' Market in the village, our square foot gardening classes and camps for their children, where to find Farmer D's magic compost, and how the city is putting "green" into its longrange planning. Soon we were bubbling over with opportunities and ideas until the parents begged for notepaper so they could write everything down.

I love chatting with visitors to the park. The business of operating the nature center is sometimes all-consuming. Then someone asks for a park map, a child runs in with a mysterious insect to identify, a tiny hand inches toward the candy jar I keep filled on my desk (they know I'll say yes), and we all remember once again what we love about working at the nature center.

We had another little guy come to camp on Monday who was not really sure it was a good idea. He sobbed inconsolably, impervious to our hugs and coaxing. So we called Mom, I hugged him in my lap and chatted with him until she arrived, and off he went with a wave and relieved smile. (I wish she could have seen the way he lit up when he heard her step - I kid you not. He recognized her footsteps! "My mommy! My mommy!")

This morning he arrived holding hands with one of his big brothers. After some encouraging words from Mom, he stayed the course. Later in the morning, I saw him skipping down the hall. "Hi!" he waved as he passed my desk. "I got in the cweek!"

I'm glad he came back and gave us another try.

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  1. Oh, man, Donna. That footstep thing got me. Very sweet.


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