Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A glass of wine, a loaf of bread, and wow.

I've been rising early, to be at work by 7 and home by 1. Today, I slept in and stopped by the Dunwoody Farmer's Market when it opened at 8 am.


Purple hulled beans, alligator beans, fresh chevre packed with herbes de provence, a crusty loaf of French sourdough studded with olives . . . yum. Allison and Janna (two of my very favorite people) were there, glowing from their run and restraining Janna's giant dog from nuzzling the Garmons' duck and kitten.

With that sensory experience to start the day, work at Dunwoody Nature Center was even more pleasurable than usual. I was on the scent of basil, the bountiful harvest bursting from the raised vegetable beds in the park. I clipped several bunches, shared them with camp teachers and staff, and brought a handful of variegated home to dry. The classroom and hall filled with rich, herby goodness as parents arrived to pick up our smallest campers. "Natural air freshener," I called it as they exclaimed over the wonderful smell.

Supper will be particularly delectable this evening: a glass of the amazing (and inexpensive) Bohemian Highway chardonnay introduced by Kim K, slabs of olive sourdough slathered in fresh chevre, and purple hulled beans cooked with fresh basil.

Hungry yet?

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