Friday, July 10, 2009

Read it and reap.

The newly renovated Dunwoody library opened this week and the tween and teen and I have visited three times already. We transferred our holds from the Chamblee branch (thanks for your hospitality!), explored the changes, and checked out even more books. We love to read and each of us regularly roars through more than a dozen books each month. (Which is why we aren't terribly fond of required reading over the summer - school assignments interrupt hours and hours of leisurely exploration.)


  • Newly separated children's area, with a visual entry and sense of enclosure.
  • New circulation desk, an island in the middle of the entry area.
  • Relocation of self-check out kiosks to the circulation desk.
  • Expanded computer research area, with more carrels and stations.
  • Relocation of reserved books, large print, audio books, and CDs.
  • Centralized reference section, including more foreign language materials.
  • New paint, carpet, and decorative accents.
The result is open and appealing, plus the shift of reserved and new books to the side means less congestion around the circulation desk.

The Knitternall family "likes this" very much.

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