Friday, June 5, 2009

The politics of daily living.

It's one of the quirkier aspects of life that things happen in threes. Lately, the Knitternall family is delving into political waters on many fronts: a zoning appeals hearing with Dunwoody's appointed commission, the search for a new principal for Peachtree Charter Middle School, and our son's first steps into government regulation as he attempts to attain that all-important driver's license.

Our little neighborhood, tucked warmly up against the Dunwoody Village town center, has coexisted peacefully with lovely Williamsburg office buildings and the back of some of our favorite places to eat, shop, and celebrate. A developer wishes to add a very large daycare center and playground adjoining our back yard. Sigh.

DeKalb County Schools is in the process of appointing a new principal for Peachtree Charter Middle School. The most excellent Steve Donahue is "moving up" and away from the principal's office - we're delighted for his advancement but very sad that we have to lose him. As Chair of the Executive Council, I'm charged with the execution of our state-approved Charter, which includes making sure parents and teachers provide input for the selection of the new principal. How do you describe the perfect principal? I don't think "someone exactly like Mr. Donahue" will be sufficient.

A is worried about passing his test and I'm not looking forward to introducing him to the DMV. It's a rite of passage for every young teen, but sometimes it can be unexpectedly pleasant. All it takes is one friendly examiner and his fears will melt.

The politics of daily living can be emotional and enlightening at the same time. Our children will learn much from the process and from the way we parents handle it.

No pressure there!

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