Sunday, June 7, 2009

Wait, wait . . . don't tell me!

I tend to be a bit of a contrarian when it comes to technology. I just don't want to be THAT connected via social network sites, Twitter, TiVo, On Demand, you name it. I like blogging because it's chatty and undemanding. But then I miss things I really enjoy and start to feel out of step with my culture. What to do?

Some of my favorite radio programs come on when I'm too busy enjoy them: Car Talk and Wait Wait Don't Tell Me! on Saturday mornings, Fresh Air and All Things Considered during crunch time with the kids, Thistle and Shamrock on Sunday evenings. Just as I never schedule an appointment for a haircut (walk right in to Azima and they always take care of me), entertainment has to be spontaneous. Regularly scheduled programs demand attention when they're on and I just don't live that way.

Then I discovered I can listen to previous broadcasts of my favorite programs on the computer. While I'm cooking dinner or doing the laundry! And that I can download them FOR FREE as podcasts!

Yeah, I'm slow about some things.

I took Scooter the Wonder Dog for a wonderful, hour-long walk yesterday morning with gray clouds overhead and cool, humid air whirling around. First I caught up with last week's Wait Wait. Roy Blount, Jr. mused about his ability to look and sound a lot dumber than necessary ("it just comes natural") and I learned a lot more about Skull and Bones' nicknames than I really want to remember (I'll never think about President Bush-the-elder the same way again).

Before I knew it, I was several miles from home and thoroughly enjoying myself. When the podcast ended, I dialed up the latest edition from Knit Picks and discovered a few things about iCord I didn't know (it makes a great edge treatment and adds definition to stockinette).

Entertainment when I'm ready for it. How about that?

I can't believe I waited so long to get an iPod.

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